What makes our Student Finance Office different?


What makes our Student Finance Office different is the individual attention we are able to give every student. This past year, some sort of financial aid was received by 91% of our graduate students and 87% of the undergrads.

Unlike larger institutions, we don’t just give you forms to fill out. Because of our deep roots in the community we help our students access a wide variety of outside resources, from public and private agencies as well as generous individuals, clubs and organizations.

Within OSF Saint Francis Medical Center there is a unique program we call MEEP, short for Modified Education Employment Program.  If you’re willing to make a commitment to staying and working as a bedside nurse at the Medical Center (as so many students want to do) you may be eligible for $4000 of financial aid each semester. After you’ve fulfilled your commitment, that debt is totally forgiven. It’s an incredible opportunity.

At this current time of economic crisis, we know more and more students are experiencing financial troubles…but that means we just need to be very creative and use every possible resource. We are deeply committed to helping students get into school, stay in school, and achieve their dreams.

Student Finance Testimonials

Read what some of our students are saying...

Testimonials | Alex"What I love most about Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing is that the school is helping me achieve a dream I have wanted since grade school. I’ve grown up with family members who work for OSF Saint Francis and they have always told me "You'd be a natural as a nurse!” Now I am a step closer to achieving those two letters (RN)  behind my name and I'll be happy that I have received that title from the College of Nursing. 

On the first day of classes, the professors welcome you with open arms. They encourage you to work with others, ask them for help with their "open door" policy, and to never feel as if you are the only one with a specific trouble or problem. 

The smiling faces and positive attitudes of the Student Finance Office staff immediately make you feel "welcomed" and "at home." Here's a group of people specifically dedicated to work with your financial situation and help you achieve your educational goals. I had a major setback before entering my second semester of my junior year, which caused me to have to re-consider ways to support myself through college. The finance office worked with me to find resources that would help me continue to go to school full-time and work my two jobs! I am really honored to be selected as a recipient of the Modified Education Employment Program (MEEP). Without this support I would have had to give up my dream of being a Registered Nurse so I owe the College of Nursing the ultimate thanks and gratitude."



Testimonials | Kaitlyn"Wow! Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing …there is so much I could say! I will never forget the feeling of overflowing joy I felt the day I received my acceptance letter. From applying to SFMCCON to almost graduating, I have nothing negative to say, and that is the truth! Ten years ago my sister graduated from the program and only had a positive report when I expressed my interest in the college to her. The college itself is an amazing experience, as is the hospital. This is why receiving MEEP (Modified Education-Employment Program) has been such an incredible opportunity. Not only does it provide the financial support necessary to take the burden of school loans off of my shoulders, but along with it comes the chance to work at one of the most established and respectable hospitals around! Nursing school has been such a rewarding education experience, and I would not trade it for any other career path. I am not trying to be cliché when I say that all of the staff at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing is there to help and be there for you no matter what the situation may be. I consider myself extremely blessed to call myself a student at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing where the knowledge and experience I have gained has exceed my expectations. The relationships being built are ones I will carry with me throughout my life."



Testimonials | Erin

"I chose Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing because I work with amazing nurses that have graduated from Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing! They are compassionate, caring, and advocate for their patients every time. I wanted to be able to care for my patients just like they care for their patients everyday. 

I really appreciate the smaller class sizes and the College staff. Every single teacher truly cares about each and every student! They do not want to see anyone fail and are willing to help. Your teachers are like your cheerleaders! All the student support service departments are wonderful as well! I do not think I could say more positive things about them! Every person is willing to assist you, answer your questions and want to help you to reach your dreams. 

I had completed two other degrees prior to attending Saint Francis College of Nursing and had exhausted several of my resources for financial help. I am very thankful to be a recipient of the MEEP program, otherwise I do not know if I would have been able to complete the program. It is such a relief to not have to be concerned about how I am going to pay for college. It is great to be able to tell people that not only do I go to a great school but they have helped me to reach my dreams by supporting me financially."


Testimonials | Nina"The faculty and staff have been wonderful. They teach you, guide you, support you, shape you, pray for you and so much more. I could have started another college nursing program six months sooner, but knew that there was no comparison to the education that I would receive here. I know without a doubt that was a smart decision!

As a single mom of a four year old son, it’s extremely challenging to have the income to support a household and go to school. Being granted MEEP and Scholarships has been such an amazing blessing. I never imagined that I would be able to obtain all the help that I’ve received. As a result, I am not only succeeding for myself and my son, but for everyone that believes in my strengths, caring attitude and passion to become an excellent nurse.

The Student Finance Office is absolutely stellar. Every time I go visit, I am taken care of by caring people. I wouldn’t have been as successful in obtaining financial assistance had it not been for the dedicated personnel in this office. I used the on-line resources they have available on how to apply for scholarships and what to focus on when writing essays. They are all passionate about what they do and it truly shows. I will always remember that, “Free money is a fine thing”. Indeed it is!"


Testimonials | John"I am a third generation nurse who will graduate from Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing. My grandmother and my mother taught me what it truly meant to be a nurse and how one interaction, one helping hand, one extra touch, one extra second of listening can change a patient’s life forever. I chose Saint Francis to become that kind of nurse!

My own experience with outstanding nursing care began when I was in a car accident that left me paralyzed from the nipple line down. I was given a prognosis that I had a one in a million chance that I would ever walk again. Through the work of God, He lined me up to be here at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center where there is a world-class neurosurgery team and nursing staff. Over the course of nearly a month and a half I regained some feeling and movement in my lower limbs. I was on multiple floors at the hospital and on each floor I received excellent care. But I could soon recognize the difference between the nurses that had graduated from Saint Francis and those who had graduated elsewhere. Saint Francis College of Nursing nurses sincerely lived the hospital mission of serving with the greatest love and care. Each one would ask “what can I do for you today” and “can I get you anything else” before leaving. This may seem like a small thing to you but as a patient it was always appreciated to know I wasn’t being rushed through so my nurse could get to another room.

As you can see, I beat the odds. But it was a long stay in the hospital and an even longer run of physical and occupational therapy outside the hospital. This left my family in financial hardship because of the resources my recovery required.

I am especially appreciative and honored to have being selected for the MEEP, Alumni scholarship and the Matthew and Alexandra Shunick scholarship. These generous scholarships have ensured that I will be able to graduate and reach my nursing goals."

Click here to see John speak at the 2013 College Scholarship Reception.


Testimonials | Paige"Even as a little girl I knew that I had a passion for people and realized that my calling in life is nursing! I hope to someday become a nurse practitioner, and Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing is helping me live out my dream What I love most about the College of Nursing is that it has blessed me with relationships and friendships with other students and faculty. Instructors know me by more than just my grades or my face in the classroom and at Saint Francis you are surrounded by amazing people who care about you and want you to succeed.

The College of Nursing pushes its students to work and study harder than they ever have so that they can graduate as knowledgeable and compassionate nurses. This is why being awarded MEEP has been truly a gift for me! I feel very fortunate to be recognized with this financial award. It has eased my financial burden so that I can concentrate more on my studies and less on my bank account! I thank God every day for my experiences at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing"



Testimonials | Kelly Mixon Testimonial"What I love most about Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing is that every instructor is there for you from day one to the end. Each instructor cares about your success in the program. They want you to succeed. Students all work together toward the same goal, which is becoming a professional nurse. I chose Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing because the NCLEX pass rate was the highest in the area and I wanted to become part of a program that achieves the highest success. 

But financially, I wouldn’t have been able to go to College without scholarships. I didn’t get financial aid grants…all I could do was apply for scholarships and boy did I apply!  And I got about $8000 in scholarship money!

What I would tell a student who needed help with their education finances is to apply for as many scholarships as they can. Start looking early for scholarships. Go to your local high school resources for local, state, and national scholarships. Go on the web and start looking for scholarship pertaining to nursing, any community service performed, if you are left handed, if you have parents in the military, if you’re a minority, if you’re a single parent, etc. Check with your parent’s employers for scholarships, or maybe even the union at your parent’s job. Get references, write your essay and as they become due make sure you get them sent out on time! The bottom line is..... start early and get organized!  Good Luck!"

Click here to see Kelly speak at the 2012 College Scholarship Reception.



Testimonials | Rob"I chose Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing because of an experience in the hospital.  My mom had just had surgery and her nurse was a former College of Nursing graduate and was a guy.  I knew after seeing him care for my mom and living the mission that this is what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go.

What I like most about the College is the Faculty.  I would also like to say how amazing it is to have a Dean like Dr. Sue Brown whose door is literally open just about all the time.  If she is busy she always lets you know that you can come back and you don’t feel rude.

I also appreciate how the Student Finance Office supports student success.  I am a broke college student who was working four part time jobs and trying to make it through school full time.  As a guy, sometimes it is hard because we tend to have this thing called pride.  I do not like having to ask people or tell them that I am sinking and I need help.  The staff in the Student Finance Office are so friendly and personable.  I love all of them.  They make you feel welcome and are so educated in the funds that are out there.  Not only with while you are in school but also how to make yourself financially responsible after school."



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<p>Alumni, Theresa Temborius shared her inspiring journey from the Saint Francis diploma program, RN-BSN program and MSN program overcoming challenging obstacles.</p>
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