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Nearly 300 guests enjoyed the annual Scholarship Reception held at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center. We celebrated our College of Nursing student's success and honored the donors who made their scholarships possible!

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Inspiring speakers shared their stories...

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Bob Swietek, RN (class of 1978) introduces the Suzanne M. Swietek Memorial Scholarship (class of 1979)

Graduate Student, AJ Abrahamsen, RN recipient of Foundation Council Designated Scholarship



It was truly a momentous day for Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing. Reflecting our commitment to financial assistance, nearly $196,000 in scholarships were awarded to 134 students, the largest group in the history of the college!


2015/2016 Scholarship Recipients


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Scholarships | Hank Memorial Scholarship

In these uncertain economic times, many organizations find their coffers shrinking.

Our college, however, has been blessed with dedicated individuals and businesses whose generosity is unmatched. Many are former students themselves who understand and appreciate the value of our nursing programs. Thanks to their support, scholarships are now offered to both new and current students. (For a complete list of scholarships available, please click on the link to Student Finance.)


Photo: Angela E. (Mattingly) Hank Memorial Scholarship, Recipients Robyn Jontz, Sherryl Kelch-Seaman

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Scholarships | Brian Alexander Scholarship“I am so grateful to you and other donors for believing in our abilities to achieve greatness. This scholarship is a positive encouragement that will drive me to work harder. Thank you for investing in my future."

“I chose nursing because I care for people and wanted to find a career where I could give back. With the help of this scholarship this is all possible. Thank you so much for your generous contribution to the foundation. Without people like you dreams would not come true.”

“It is comforting to know that there are such generous people out there, such as yourselves, who give to those in need. I am excited for the future ahead for me. I would like to thank you so much for your generous sponsorship.”

Scholarships | Sue Swietek Memorial

“During these economic times, your investment in my education gives me faith and even more determination to do the very best that I can. You have made it easier for me to obtain my dream and I could not thank you enough for your kind hearted helpfulness.”

“You have changed my life. Your help has inspired me beyond words. I am truly touched and extremely blessed. Thank you so much.” Scholarships | Carmella (Knoblauch) Kapraun Scholarship

“This generous gift will greatly lighten my financial concerns upbringing. I remain determined to be the first of my family to complete a college education. With this scholarship, my goal is within reach.”

“The future holds numerous possibilities and endless career opportunities and your generous scholarship will help me reach them.”

Scholarships | Fishbach Scholarship“I have had some tough times recently that has put a strain on my financial situation, but I have remained positive in knowing that this is only temporary and it has reminded me again to be grateful for what I have: health, happiness, and the opportunity to obtain the education I want in order to have a career that I love. It is comforting to know that there are such generous people out there, such as yourselves, who give to those in need. I am excited for the future ahead for me. I would like to thank you so much for your generous sponsorship.”


Photo (Top Right): Dewitt Community of Caregivers Scholarship, Rebecca Hobbs
(Top Left): Cooper Family Leadership Scholarship, Recipients Alexandra Johansson and Jamie Nichting
(Bottom Right): Carmella (Knoblauch) Kapraun Scholarship, Recipients Corrie, Heine, Abigail Hobbs, Erika Sinn, Erin Welsh
(Bottom Left): Dr. Rita Endowed Scholarship, Recipient Ariel Wade

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When we help one student we help the world.

Can one person truly make a difference?  We believe so. At Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, we are passionately committed to the personal and professional  development of each and every student. Like a drop in a still pond, there is a ripple effect. When we help a student today, he or she will care for many patients and touch many lives. Those patients will heal…and in turn, go on to help others throughout the world. Scholarships are what make this all possible!

Ada Oetgen Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships | Ada Oetgen Scholarship Scholarships | Ada Oetgen
Ada Oetgen Memorial Scholarship Ada Oetgen (1924-2014)

Established to honor Ada Oetgen, a 1945 graduate, a valued faculty member who played an integral part in Saint Francis diploma program transition to a bachelor's degree program in the 1980's, and a strong student advocate until her retirement in 1994.

Upon her death, Miss Oetgen generosly donated $1.5 million to fund student scholarships.  Her gift will bless many students for years to come.

Photo: Ada Oetgen Memorial scholarship Recipients.


If you are interested in funding a scholarship, please know we would be delighted to welcome you to our Community of Caregivers. For more information, please contact Curt Leroy at curt.a.leroy@osfhealthcare.org or Patricia Stockert at patricia.a.stockert@osfhealthcare.org.


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