Institutional Refund Policy

A student who officially withdraws from the College or course(s) may receive a full or partial refund (credit) according to the following schedule. The withdrawal date is established by the student's completion of all official steps for completing the process and is based on the date that the Registrar's Office records the withdrawal. If a student withdraws from the college or any course(s) at any time without having completed the official process, no refund credit will be made. The College reserves the right to modify the refund schedule as circumstances may dictate.

Fall and Spring Semester Summer
Weeks 1 & 2: 100% Week 1: 100%
Week 3: 40%
Week 2: 20%
Week 4: 20%
After week 2: 0%
After week 4: 0%


Additional Notes:

The student's allocation of any refund is distributed only after the requirements of federal and non-federal aid programs are satisfied. See the Financial Aid Return of Funds Policy for additional information.


College of Nursing Credit Balance Refund Check process

Student Finance | MoneyA common question asked in the Student Finance Office is “When do I get my refund check??” Students may receive scholarships/grants or student loans in excess of billed Tuition/fees and plan to use that credit balance refund check for living expenses or to purchase books and supplies.

The answer to “when do I get my refund check?” will be different for each student, depending on the source of payment that results in the refund and when that source is paid. 

Students are encouraged to budget and plan ahead as their credit balance refunds may not be available for some time after the semester starts.

The OSF policy for refunds is to wait until funds creating the refund are actually received. 

When enough aid/payments come in to cover the charges on the bill, the student’s account will then be evaluated for a credit balance refund. Students may also view their billing statement on SonisWeb 24/7.  

There is approximately a 2-week period between the time payment is received resulting in a refund request and the time when refund checks are mailed to the student’s home address.


  1. Students in crisis may request to be considered for an exception to the credit balance refund check policy by completing an Emergency Assistance application in the Student Finance Office.
  2. Timely Book Allowance Refunds
    Effective July 1, 2011, the College of Nursing will issue Title IV Credit Balance Refunds to students the first week of class in order to help students purchase books and supplies. Students eligible for this refund must meet the following criteria:
    • Eligible for a Federal Pell Grant
    • Federal student loan scheduled for disbursement
    • The sum of Pell and Direct Loans is greater than the balance due on College account.
    • Has met all eligibility criteria for the scheduled disbursements (i.e pre-nursing completion confirmed, currently enrolled, not in default...)
  3. The College of Nursing will notify eligible students via e-mail when the refund check is available. If you do not choose to receive your refund in order to purchase books/supplies, please submit a signed and dated statement to the Student Finance Office 30 days before the semester starts.