Master of Science in Nursing Program


Program Options

Saint Francis Medical Center offers a wide range of graduate programs. All programs are designed for online delivery to meet the needs of the busy professional nurse desiring to advance knowledge and skills. The graduate program offers a predominantly online Masters of Science in Nursing program. There are several options to consider such as:

Post Graduate Certificate Options

Gainful Employment Information

Online Classes

The Medical of Nursing Programs are offered predominately online using eCollege software. This allows students to view course materials, check course calendars, and participate in asynchronous discussions. Online classes allow you to interact and collaborate with course faculty and classmates and do coursework from the convenience of your own setting. Courses may require meeting on campus a maximum of four times per semester.

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Plan of Study

Upon admission, each student will be assigned an academic advisor. The student is required to meet with the advisor to develop a plan of study to assure that professional and educational goals and needs are met. The plan of study will be reviewed each semester and revised as needed.

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Master's Program Objectives

The graduate of the master’s degree program is able to:

  1. Integrate theory, research, and practice using critical thinking, for the improvement of client care in a variety of settings and the advancement of the nursing profession.
  2. Practice autonomously in a variety of professional roles to respond to the social, economic, ethical, political, and legal issues impacting the needs of clients and the nursing profession.
  3. Express caring in professional interactions which supports the values and promotes the growth and self-actualization of individuals, groups, and communities.
  4. Provide collaborative leadership within the complex healthcare system in a culturally diverse society.
  5. Synthesize the principles of education to develop interventions that promote ,maintain, and restore health.

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