Accelerated Pathway to the Masters of Science in Nursing (for Non-Nursing Baccalaureate Degree students)


Description of Program

The Accelerated Pathway to the Masters of Science in Nursing is a 45 credit hour program with an accelerated option for RN's who hold either an associate degree or a diploma, and have a bachelors degree in a discipline other than nursing from an accredited College or University and have considerable nursing experience and outstanding academic histories.

The accelerated option requires the individual to have 62 credit hours of pre-nursing courses. The individual receives 31 credits for nursing. The student needs a course in health assessment, nursing research, and a transitions course. The four hour transition course covers the concepts and theories of baccalaureate nursing as well as essential course content in the area of ethics, practice issues, nursing management concepts, theories, and issues of decision making. In addition, the individual completes a community health nursing course and a clinical practice experience in nursing course. The student has the option to present a portfolio of experiences and education for validation of one or both of the latter two courses.

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Curriculum Schedule


Accelerated Pathway to the MSN for RN’s with a Non-Nursing Baccalaureate Degree
Core Courses

Students applying under this option must satisfactorily show evidence of completion of the following prerequisite Liberal Arts and Science course work:

Semester Hours
Humanities 6
     Suggested-philosophy, religion, music, art, theatre, history, literature  
Social and Behavioral Sciences 9
     Suggested-anthropology, sociology, psychology, political science, economics
Mathematics 3
     Intro to statistics is required

Physical and Life Sciences
     A laboratory component is required. Suggested areas of study: anatomy & physiology, chemistry and microbiology
Communications 6
     Suggested - English & Speech  
General Education Credits Including Electives 26

Total Prerequisite Credits in Liberal Arts & Science Coursework 62
Nursing: Professional Credits 31
RNs in this accelerated pathway must meet the following requirements prior to transitioning into the Masters Program:  
310 Health Assessment 3
316 Nursing Research 3
424 Nursing Care of Clients in the Community* 6
429 Experience in Clinical Nursing* 6
450 Transition to Advanced Nursing Practice 4
*These courses are available for credit through portfolio review. Contact us for more information.

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