Dear Alumni Association Members,

Faculty and Staff | Helene Batzek

As the liaison between the Alumni Association and Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, I would like to invite you as an alumnus to join your Alumni Association. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our current members. Since becoming a member we hope that you are seeing the benefits of membership. The association is working very hard to establish events that will interest everyone, both socially and educationally. We are listening to you. Any interests, suggestions or concerns are being addressed as they are communicated to us.

We are proud of the accomplishments we have made. Our membership has consistently grown including those members who are continuing to support us through membership renewals. Through membership support we are growing and able to offer more services to you, our members.

The following are ways we count on your support:

     Active Membership:

  • Provide information for our newsletter Notes from Greenleaf. Everyone loves to read about professional successes, weddings, birth announcements, grandchildren and retirement plans.
  • Able to actively participate in helping at events and contributing for candy and cookies by filling out the “Alumni Needs You” checklist.
  • Attendance at our off campus meetings every third Thursday of January, March, May, August and October.
  • Food and Fun will be provided at our off campus meetings in January, March, May, August and October with no meetings June, July and December. Attendance is not required but interaction using e-mail, phone calls or letters would be welcomed.
  • Attending Alumni events, with members receiving discounts at the Annual Workshop, and a free Members only Brunch during Homecoming.
  • Membership dues are renewable each August for the academic year of Sept. – July. Members joining after January 1st of the academic year are paying for the current year and will need to pay renewal fees the following August for the next academic year.
  • Lifetime memberships are available for $250 where your name will be displayed on our Lifetime membership plaque hanging in the College Lobby.
  • Membership cards are being sent to each member that will allow each member discounts at various vendors as they are acquired.
  • Visit our face book page at and interact with fellow graduates.


Helene Batzek
Alumni Relations


Association Dues

Thank you for your interest in the Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing Alumni Association.  The Association is dedicated to promoting fellowship and enhancing the educational mission of Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing.

Dues are $10 per year or $250 lifetime membership.  Membership cards will come with benefits.  Lifetime membership and memorial plaque will hang in the College Lobby.



President :  Mary Donnelly ’79  309-655-4130

Vice President :  Kathy Rosenbohm ’65  309-389-5240

Treasure:  Paulette Archer ’70  309-655-4132

College Alumni Relations:  Helene Batzek  309-624-9933