General Pre-Nursing Courses

62 Semester Hours of Required Pre-Nursing Curriculum to be Completed at the College of Choice Prior to Enrollment at the College of Nursing.

Application may be made upon completion of at least 30 semester hours of Pre-Nursing courses, which must include at least 8 semester hours of physical/life sciences. An overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 plus a 2.50 GPA for anatomy & physiology I & II are required for admission. Only course grades of C or above are transferable. If the hours total less than 62, an additional course (s) must be taken in any area of choice.

Category Courses Sem Hrs.
Required: Any Philosophy/Logic course 3
Electives: 2 courses 6
  One elective is required in the Fine Arts. Suggested areas-philosophy, religious studies, music, art, theater, history, literature.
Required: Speech (1 course) 3
  English Composition (2 courses) 6
Social & Behavioral Sciences:
Required: Introduction to Psychology 3
  Introduction to Sociology 3
  Growth & Development through Life Span 6
  (Note: If one course covers entire life span, then may take a 3 semester hour elective instead of a second growth and development course.)
Electives: 1 course 3
Physical & Life Sciences:
Required: *Anatomy & Physiology (2 courses) 8
  *Chemistry (1 course) 4
  Microbiology (1 course) 4
  Nutrition 3
  *Must include a laboratory component
Required: Any transferable college math course 3
  Introduction to Statistics 3
Elective: In any of the major content areas 3

Student must take a 3 semester hour elective course of choice in any of the major content areas.  It is recommended that anyone without computer knowledge take a computer class to  satisfy this elective.

The requirements of the Pre-Nursing curriculum incorporate both the General Education Core Curriculum adopted by the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the Specific Courses required to support the nursing major. 


Black Hawk College      Lincoln Land Community College
Bradley University      Monmouth College
Carl Sandburg College      Northern Illinois University
Eastern Illinois University      Parkland College
Eureka College      Richland Community College
Heartland Community College      Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Illinois Central College      Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Illinois State University      Spoon River College
Illinois Valley Community College      University of Illinois
Lincoln Christian University      Western Illinois University
Lincoln College          
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